Vokalzeit - There should always be time for vocals.

On October 23, 2001, on the 200th birthday of Albert Lortzing, two tenors and two basses of the Radiochoir Berlin initialized the ensemble Vokalzeit in the baptizing and wedding chapel of the Berlin Cathedral.
Since 2016, the current cast consists of Holger Marks, Markus Schuck, Michael Timm and Axel Scheidig. The ensemble has a special affection to vocal chamber music.
The romantic masters, Berlin traditions and rich interpretations of folk songs are particularly close to their hearts.
This is how the classical parodies, textual sung instrumental pieces, serious and, above all, cheerful ones were created. Vokalzeit loves curiosity, tells unbelievable or at least dubious stories and communicates in an unorthodox way hardly known from the rich fund of music. The Patent Office still raves about the invention of the clothespin that Beethoven made possible with his Fifth Symphony. Vokalzeit always is on the track of the important things in life, sings of great men and beautiful women, visits good friends in the zoo, goes swimming and has only one goal - to prepare the special kind of presentation as well as the special pleasure.
At the invitation of various Federal Presidents Vokalzeit was repeatedly guest in the castles Bellevue and Charlottenburg, Berlin. In addition, the four gentlemen perform on all boards that mean the world in Berlin (and occasionally beyond).
Another love, namely the special interpretation of evergreens, of chansons and titles in the style of the Comedian Harmonists leads this Quartett with its own texts or arrangements to sing in its own, willful way.